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Who is Alena Arnold?

I am a young black entrepreneur that’s s mother of 3 and driven. I am motivated and determined to be able to provide for my little soldiers. I started this journey with all faith eight months ago that this was it this is what god wanted for me And haven’t looked back. I am a strong believer that anything is possible if you put your mind to it never give up pray and stead fast. I decided to make my company blessed collections after my son middle name and him bring sick and diagnose with sickle cell anemia and heart conditions. I was told he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or no anything so my way of providing was work for myself and still be able to have him with me. I did just that. I love being a blessing to others so there for I’m here to bring the inner beauty glow out of you. Be blessed stay blessed and shop/book with blessed collections. Much love 

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